All You Need To Know About Transformers Coloring Pages

Transformers is an extremely popular franchise that was co-produced by Takara Tomy; a Japanese owned toy company and an American-based Hasbro company. Transformers was developed originally by Hasbro as the brand consisting of renamed and rebranded transforming toys from toy lines that included Diaclone and Microman from Takara. Transformers Coloring Pages are one of the ways kids can enjoy this franchise.

The toy line of Transformers includes a range of transforming robots was the beginning point for this franchise. The alien transforming robots fall into two different groups, known as the Decepticons and the Autobots who are constantly in a battle between evil and good. This franchise has gone onto introducing a number of animations, comic books, video games, and films since they were first created.

Children generally have a keen interest in robots, and the Transformers coloring pages allow them to immerse themselves in the battle that goes on between the evil Decepticons and the good Autobots. At the same time, children are offered the opportunity to learn about coloring and drawing. There are collections online of the best types of Transformers coloring pages which are both educative, interesting and fun.

Transformer characters

Here is a list of some of the Transformer characters that can be found in coloring pages:

1. Optimus Prime

Optimus is the Autobots leader in the ongoing battle against the Decepticons. Prime is a very noble robot who believes that freedom is a right for all sentient beings. His character has undergone a number of alternate modes across his various incarnations. Yet the most well-known is his first transformation where he transforms into a type of semi-truck.

2. Bumblebee

A tough yet small Autobot that is known for his interactions with humans. Bumblee is the most popular and well-known Autobot and many of his incarnations he is the right-hand man to Optimus Prime.

3. Megatron

He is the leader of the Decepticons, and his motto states “Peace Through Tyranny”. In just about every way possible Megatron is an exact opposite when compared to Optimus Prime. He is relentless, brutal and a prime example of Destruction.

4. Ratchet

Ratchet is the Autobot’s medic and is an old Autobot whos wisdom matches up to his age. He becomes a skilled scientist and medic when needed. He is also a close and most loyal comrade to Optimus Prime. Even though his main role is a medic as soon as he joins the front lines in battle he is known as one of the more fierce fighting robots.

5. Grimlock

This Autobot is also the leader for the Dinobots. He is able to change into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and is brutal, cold and strongly believes that only the strongest should lead; He also believes he is the very strongest of the Autobots and for this reason thinks that he should be leading the Autobots and not Optimus Prime.

6. Soundwave

The right-hand man of Megatron, he is the master of gathering intelligence due to his trusted mini-cons and cold personality. Megatron is known for stating on a number of occasions that Soundwave is the only Decepticon he can truly trust, which is why the other Decepticons despise him.

7. Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus is the City Commander and the 2nd in command for the Autobot army. He prefers the role of a soldier as opposed to a leader.

8. Brawn

He is a tough yet small Autobot who is extremely strong considering his size, enjoys battles with the Decepticons and turns into a 4X4 off-road vehicle when he transforms.

9. Rodimus Prime

Originally known as Hot Rod, he at one stage became the new leader of the Autobots, and was named the “Chosen One” according to a prophecy about the Autobots.

The popularity associated with this franchise received their boost when a film was released in 2007 using the very same name. It quickly turned into one of the well-known box office successes and the movie was followed up by 2 sequels. The transforming alien robots in this series have made for very interesting subjects for coloring pages for children. They allow for the use of imagination while completing the pictures using the appropriate colors. All these characters and more from this extremely popular series are easy to download and print for free from a number of different online sources.

Transformer Coloring Pages