17 Engaging Things to Build in Minecraft

There is just no end to the potential for architecture and engineering in the world of Minecraft and the feeling of achievement in looking over your handiwork. As a matter of fact, you may find yourself roaming the pixelated paradise just wondering where to begin.

Whether you are a newcomer to this world or a die-hard veteran looking for a new challenge, we have compiled a list of things to build in Minecraft to hone your skills and fire your imagination. These can all be practiced in survival or creative mode. But, if you want to make your production HUGE or especially aesthetically pleasing, you may want to use creative mode.

1. Mansions

Building up the living space of your dreams is one of the most exciting activities in this land of endless opportunities. Of course, when you are building in survival mode your structures will have to be as functional and formidable as they can, but there are some spectacular island villas and cave hideaways to design.

In creative mode, things only get bigger and better in every way. If you feel up to the task try building a cloud fortress complete with spiral staircase. If you want to truly test your engineering skills, build a home beneath the waves. Hint: you will need sponges to remove the water from inside and a furnace in which to dry them out.

2. Subways and Roller Coasters

If you are wondering what to build in Minecraft, your first thought should be a roller coaster. You can either go big or small depending on your preferences. Even better, you can create a huge roller coaster that covers an entire city but you will need a lot of blocks to do this as well as other essential materials. Once the roller coaster is completed, you will have a lot of fun going from one city to the other.

In survival mode, you will eventually spend a lot of time deep in the mines gathering the necessary resources to better equip yourself for progress. This is going to involve a lot of digging and returning to base day-in-day-out. But, you can speed the process by connecting your journeys below ground with a subway system leading home.

On the top side, designing roller coasters can be a monumental undertaking limited only by your imagination and skill levels. This is also a great introduction to the use of Redstone power that will be important for creating more advanced projects.

3. Recreations

If you have an eye for design and a knack for the artistic, recreating your favorite landmarks or historical monuments can lead to some incredible works of art. You might not complete the entire Leaning Tower of Pisa in your first attempt, but beginning with your own home and even neighborhood is a great place to start.

Replicas are one of the greatest things to build in Minecraft and the possibilities are limitless. You can even look online for some detailed instructions on building a very attractive Eiffel Tower, Hogwarts or even the Taj Mahal.

4. Redstone Machines and Factories

There is much that can be accomplished with a working knowledge of Redstone. Redstone can add automation to your homes and smelting processes as well as allow your farm to harvest itself. While it looks very simple, and it actually is, it is capable of great complexity as well. Redstone and the various components have actually been used to create a functioning scientific calculator.

But before you take on a project like that, there are TNT pelting canons, trap doors, hidden portals and many other contraptions to delight and surprise your guests and foes. Factories can be constructed that produce carbon or other survival mode needs. In creative mode, try your hand at building an Iron Golem factory.

5. Massive Agricultural Endeavors

Plants grow in Minecraft and can provide important dietary staples as well as aesthetic beauty. Building a large fully-automated agricultural endeavor is fun satisfying and especially useful in survival mode. But, another fun project is to design and cultivate lush gardens complete with waterfalls, pagodas, bridges, and ducks –– or are they chickens?

6. Statues

Statues are also great ideas if you are looking for what to build in Minecraft. You can go wild and create a statue of anything. It can be a statue of a skull, a person or an animal. If it’s towering high above your city, it’s going to be amazing to look at. Remember, the game allows you to show off your creativity. You can go through the net to find something that appeals to your creativity and create a statue of it.

7. Colony On Another Planet

While on Minecraft, you can create a colony on another planet, You are free to create your own world and biomes on the same planet. You need to consider how the colony will get access to food and protect themselves accordingly from weather elements and create the best way to achieve all of these things.

8. Theater

You can also create your own theater on the game and go as big or as small as you want. You can create a small theater for puppet shows or huge enough to hold an opera. You can choose whichever size or shape you want. Here, you need to tap into your creativity for a great experience.

9. Ancient Temples

Have you always had a fascination for ancient temples? Well, they always have astounding architecture and it’s something to recreate while playing the game. Additionally, you can always come up with your own new style. If you feel that the old temples have something to be improved on the architecture, you can do so when playing the game and achieve your dream.

10. Art Museum

Museums are great works of architecture and you can always create your own when playing Minecraft. If you choose to do an art museum, you need to go around choosing the right works of art to fill in. Even better, you can opt for artifacts that make the whole place astounding.

11. Your Dream House/Home

We all have a dream house or home that we would like to live in. It may be a big mansion in the countryside or a fancy apartment by the beach or even a huge castle that’s made for a king. Whichever the case, building your dream home in Minecraft can give you a great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment. Many players actually go for this idea as it gives them a channel to express themselves in the best way possible. You can get as creative as you want when designing your crib. You can choose everything from the size and design of the structure to decorations and finishes among many other features.

12. Recreate A Real-world Landmark or Monument

How cool would it be to have your very own Statue of Liberty in your Minecraft world? Well, you don’t have to imagine it as you can definitely go ahead and recreate any real-world landmark or monument that you desire. You can imitate any impressive landmark or monument that exists in our real-world today such as the Egyptians Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, the Great Wall of China, and many others. The choice is yours!

13. Amusement Park

One of the more fun Minecraft building ideas is creating your own personal amusement park. Amusement parks are huge building projects that are better suited for expert Minecraft players who have a little bit more experience in the architectural department. You will need to know how to use rail work and Redstone before embarking on this project. Amusement parks are typically made up of many different components and structures like roller coasters, race tracks, concessions, playgrounds, restaurants, huge billboards, pendulum rides, Ferris wheels, water parks, and many others. The more extravagant your idea, the better.

14. A Tree House In The Jungle

This an excellent idea for kids and adults who like an adventure in the wild. How about building your very own tree house in the middle of a jungle that you miraculously also created. A tree house is relatively easy to build. You will need some timber and stairways and some greenery here and there. As for the surrounding jungle, you will need to put in as many trees and plants as possible to make it look authentic. You can even go a step further and build some huts around your amazing tree house.

15. An Entire City

If you are feeling really ambitious, you can decide to go all in and build an entire city from scratch. A city is one of the biggest Minecraft building ideas that you can choose to engage in. To build a sprawling city, you will definitely need a lot of skyscrapers, roads, sidewalks, vehicles, and pedestrians. This is not an idea for the fainthearted. You can get inspiration from real-world cities like New York, Tokyo or London. All the best!

16. Castles

Almost everyone playing Minecraft has an idea of building a castle. Well, you can go wild and create the most outrageous castle you can imagine. Whether it’s an underwater castle or on land, you can create it here. You can choose a good theme and use the blocks to come up with a good choice. Go through the inventory and find the right pieces to add to your castle for an amazing creation.

17. Recreations Of Famous Buildings

Well, if you don’t know what to create from scratch, you can’t go wrong with doing recreations of famous buildings. Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building, you can find something you love and recreate it effortlessly. You can follow the details on the building strictly or simply do your own thing where you add extra elements.

Final Notes on things to build in Minecraft

Minecraft is not just a game – it’s a place where you can turn all your imaginations and concepts into a reality. Imagine your dream world and what it would look like. Would it be like the real world we live in today? Or, would it be totally different – maybe full of all the things you love and enjoy? Well, Minecraft provides you with the perfect platform to build your dream world from scratch. Your world can be made up of many different types of buildings and structures, depending on your tastes and preferences. You can create virtually any structure in Minecraft that you can possibly imagine.

Of course, these are just a few of the limitless possibilities of things to build in Minecraft. Other ideas include a sky-high statue of yourself, a replica of the Millennium Falcon, waterslides, water fountains, lava fountains, pirate ships, and lighthouses. Next time you’re playing Minecraft, try out these and many more ideas to create great structures and enjoy the game.