Chinese company emerging announced in markets Vivo about the latest new leading handsets , which caused a sensation Aanumeia at the conference held in the Chinese city of Shanghai, a phone Vivo NEX S which achieves a dream we wish to see Reba, a smartphone without any side edges around the screen, The phone is based on the Apex concept that the company talked about at the MWC 2018 conference in February.

The new Vivo NEX S phone does not have the bump that breaks the screen or so-called “notch” that suddenly spread to a large number of Android phones after we saw it in my Essential and Apple iPhone X first, and it seems that the new design adopted by Vivo will be the fashion Which will soon begin to appear on the scene with a number of other companies.

Similar to the design of the Vivo Apex phone, which does not come with any bump on the screen, it also depends on the design of the front camera pop-up from the top edge, which appears when needed only, They appear when you need to turn on the front camera or make video calls , Which makes the screen capture a large percentage of the front end, which is 86.0% while the bottom edge of the screen also a few thickness.

The fingerprint sensor came from Vivo, which pioneered this technology first with its predecessor Vivo X21 UD , the first integrated touch screen phone with a fingerprint sensor.

This feature is here on a similar Vivo NEX S phone For the first phone, it did not cover a large area and wide screen unfortunately, as we saw in my phone Huawei Porsche Mate RS and Vivo Apex.

The new third-generation fingerprint sensor features 50% better performance and performance than the previous sensor, plus a 10% faster unlock speed than the previous generation of sensors, while the company announced that the backend of the phone comes With a feature called “Holographic Diffraction Dynamic Color”, a feature that helps the phone create a science fiction effect, but the importance of this feature has not been explained in detail yet.

The company also announced a new feature called Screen SoundCasting, a feature that allows the screen to interact with the sounds, making the glass vibrate, turning the entire screen into a loudspeaker, replacing the earpiece, which provides the best quality for calls, even better than earphones .

The phone came with another version called Vivo NEX A, and it has the same design that we saw on the NEX S but it differs from the NEX A fingerprint sensor on the back of the name and is not integrated into the screen, The NEX S processor comes with a Qualcomm SDM710 Snapdragon 710 processor and an Adreno 616 graphics processor, as well as less random access memory.

It comes in 6 gigabytes (RAM) and 128 GB of internal storage, and is superior to Vivo NEX S in all these specifications slightly higher, and it is higher than the price.

As for the technical specifications of this phone, they are as follows:

Designed by Vivo NEX S 

– Phone weight: The Vivo NEX S phone came in 199 grams.- Phone dimensions: 162 x 77 x 8 mm.- Raw materials: The phone comes with a solid glass structure, with a frame and side edges of the metal to protect against the risk of shock.

– The phone does not support any feature or standard to resist water spray or dust.- Screen Size: 6.59 inches.- Type of protection for the screen: The company has not announced the existence of any kind of layers of external protection against scratching, such as corning glass Gorilla, for example.- Screen acquisition rate at front end: 86.0%.

– Screen aspect ratio: The company has not yet announced the dimensions of the screen.- The phone supports a SIM port with a Nano size.- Unfortunately, the phone does not support an external memory slot.

– The phone supports USB 2.0 C, version 2.0, which supports the USB On-The-Go feature that allows the phone to communicate with any external notebook or certain USB-compatible devices that are compatible with the phone.

– The phone supports the 3.5 mm headphone jack.- Design features: The design is designed to come with a full screen with thin side edges on all sides, the fingerprint sensor is integrated into the screen, and the front camera is a camera from the top of the phone that appears when needed only.- Colors available for phone: black and red only.

Vivo NEX S Phone Screen 

– Screen Type: Super AMOLED Capstive supports multi-touch and supports 16 million colors.- Screen measure: 6.59 inches.

– Screen Resolution: 1080 x 2316 pixels.Pixel Intensity: The screen comes in at a density of 388 pixels per inch.- The screen occupies 86.0% of the volume of the front end of the phone.

Phone Camera Vivo NEX S 

– Basic camera (rear): Dual lens, the first 12 megapixel camera, lens f / 1.8, and the second 5 megapixel resolution, lens f / 2.4, comes with the random control of the lens lens, dual LED flash, To install and capture images with high quality.

– Camera features: geo-tagging, touch focus, face tracking, panorama, and HDR technology.- Video capture: 2160 pixels, 30 frames per second, 1080p, 30 frames per second- Secondary camera (front): 8 megapixels, with a f / 2.0 lens slot, a pop-up camera that appears from the top interface when needed only.

Performance of the Vivo NEX S phone 

Processor Type: The Vivo NEX S comes with a Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845 processor.- Number of nuclei in the processor: eight nuclei.- Processor Speed: The processor is divided into the first quad-core 2.7 GHz processor Kryo 385 Gold, and another quad-core processor operating at 1.7 GHz Kryo 385 Silver.

– Graphics Processor Type: Adreno 630.- Internal memory: 128 and 256 GB.- Random access memory: 8 GB (RAM).- External storage card: Your phone does not support the ability to add an external storage card.- Operating system: Android version 8.1 (Oryo), with a Vivo user interface from the Funtouch OS 4 version.

Vivo NEX S sensors 

– Sensors: The Vivo NEX S phone comes with a built-in fingerprint sensor, acceleration, rotation, convergence, compass.

Vivo NEX S phone battery 

– Battery capacity: The phone comes with a 4000mAh non-removable lithium-ion battery. – Fast charging: The battery supports 22 Watt fast charging.- Wireless charging: The company did not announce the battery support for wireless charging unfortunately.

Prices of Vivo NEX S

The price of the Vivo NEX S phone is about 800 USD, and the phone has not reached the Egyptian market yet, and you can follow it when it comes to the market and know the prices of different in Egypt and the Arab world through the site Yaquata.