With the start of the new year, users are expected to launch smart phone manufacturers the next generation of their leading phones.

If you are looking for the best smartphones in 2019 available for purchase, you have to wait or choose among the best smartphones in 2019 issued during the last quarter of last year .

Samsung is expected to launch the first of the 2019 smartphones in February 2009, the Galaxy S10, with leaks that will be available with a new design and a number of unique features.

The list of the best smartphones in 2019 is the latest version of the iPhone, Apple launches the new generation of iPhone in September or October each year, which makes the previous year’s version is the most suitable option for iPhone users wishing to upgrade, or buy a new iPhone phone during the first half of the year. 

These are the best smartphones in 2019 that you can buy now, and we will update the list with the launch of their leading smartphone companies this year:

Galaxy S 10 Plus

In February 2019, Samsung announced its new Galaxy S 10 Plus phone in a series of new phones, featuring a larger screen with two front cameras, a fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen, a powerful Snapdragon 855 processor, With more RAM, storage and battery capacity than the Galaxy S 9 Plus .

The phone also offers reverse wireless charging, along with 3 rear-facing cameras with ultra-wide angle cameras.

Galaxy S10 Plus جالاكسي اس 10 بلس

The Galaxy S10

Samsung has supported the tenth generation of the Galaxy S series or the Galaxy S10 with many new features, most notably better design and screen, a larger battery and a more powerful processor, as well as better cameras, either the main camera or the camera Silvio, as well as provide a fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen.

Galaxy S10 جالاكسي اس 10: المواصفات والمميزات والسعر

The best smart phones in 2019: Huawei Dead 20 Pro

Huawei has been steadily improving its smartphones, and its latest smart phone, the M1020 Pro, has received great acclaim from reviewers and users, and many have chosen it as the best phone in 2018, a powerful phone with a large battery with a distinctive design, Rear cameras provide a rich photographic experience.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro هواوي ميت 20 برو: المواصفات والمميزات والسعر

The Huawei Meta 20 Pro is now available in Saudi Arabia through  Souq.com  for SAR 3299 for 128GB storage and 6GB RAM, with two line support in black, blue and green.

Nokia 9 Pureview

The Nokia 9 PureView Nokia 9 Pureview provides a user-friendly array of five rear-view cameras from ZEISS Optics.

Nokia 9 PureView نوكيا 9 بيورفيو: مواصفات وسعر الهاتف بخمسة كاميرات خلفية

Xperia 1 Experience 1

The Xperia 1 Experia 1 6.5-inch OLED display with 4K resolution supports the HDR format, which Sony has named CinemaWide because it comes in 21: 9 dimensions.

Xperia 1 اكسبيريا 1: مواصفات ومميزات وسعر هاتف سوني بشاشة سينمائية

Best Smartphones in 2019: Galaxy Note 9

Samsung has managed to provide distinctive design without having to rely on the existence of “Notch”, has also added significant improvements to the phone , compared with the previous version ” Note 8″ most notably providing the phone larger battery and camera better, in addition to supporting digital pen attached S Pen Bluetooth technology, which For example, the Dex mode is one of the best features of the phone, giving the user a Windows-like interface when connected to a larger screen.

Galaxy Note9 جالكسي نوت 9: المواصفات والمميزات والسعر

Galaxy Note9 GalaxyNote 9 is now available for purchase in Saudi Arabia through  Souq.com , at a price of 3600 SAR for a 128 GB storage and 6GB RAM with two blue and black connectivity.

Galaxy Note9 Galaxy Nine is now available for purchase in the UAE through  Souq.com is  also available at AED 3700 for 128 GB and 6GB RAM with two blue, black or purple contact plates.

Best Smartphones in 2019: iPhone Xs Max

The iPhone Xs Max may not offer much compared to the iPhone X , with the same design with performance improvements, camera and battery, but it offers the best performance in smart phones in 2018, and is the best choice now available for iPhone users.

iPhone Xs Max ايفون اكس اس ماكس: المواصفات والمميزات والسعر

Yvonne X S Max price starts from 4750 SAR through  the dot – com market , for the issuance of storage space to 64 GB, and is priced at around 5399 SAR through the dot – com market for the issuance of a storage space of 256 GB, and at a 6299 SAR through  the dot – com market  for the issuance of an area 512GB, in silver, gray, or gold.

Best Smartphones in 2019: Wan Plus 6 T

OnePlus 6T and One Plus 6T have a distinctive design with a built-in fingerprint sensor, as well as a high-end display, Equipped with the most powerful specifications of leading smartphones.

OnePlus 6T وان بلس 6 تي: المواصفات والمميزات والسعر

The best smartphones in 2019: 3 pixels xl  

Despite the disappointing design of the new Google phone or its 2018 flagship smartphone, the compatibility between the hardware, the software and the features that Google has provided with the phone, as well as the amazing camera capability, especially the night sight feature, which provides the best possible images at night or with low light depending on Artificial intelligence techniques, making it among the best smartphones in 2018.

Pixel 3 XL بكسل 3 اكس ال: المواصفات والمميزات والسعر

Shaomi Mai 9

SHAUMI supplied its Mi 9 smartphone with the Snapdragon 855 processor, as well as 3 rear cameras and an OLED screen from Samsung’s built-in fingerprint sensor.