Types and Examples Of Team Building Activities For Teens

Teens are all about fun, and any activity that comes with interaction and fun is welcome. Apart from their physical and mental benefits to the body, team building activities are essential for teens since they help them work as a unit hence bolstering teamwork. This way, they get to build relationships with fellow teens and learn new skills. Team building activities for teens can also help them overcome challenges such as communication issues and collaboration with their peers.

Benefits Of Team Building Activities For Teens

Apart from enhancing and developing skills such as teamwork and communication skills, these activities also go a long way in helping teens build self-confidence by completing several challenges and tasks. What’s more, the fun and non-classroom setting that comes with team building activities also help teens to exercise their creative thinking skills. The experience of completing a group game successfully also boosts the self-esteem of the teens by handing them a taste of success.

Team building activities can also be helpful for ‘difficult’ teens. These could include teens who have trust issues or those that find it difficult to interact with others. These activities could be vital in developing their social skills by allowing them to cooperate with fellow teens in accomplishing tasks. This way, they learn how to create connections with peers as well as build trust amongst themselves.

Choosing Team Building And Group Activities For Teens

There’s no denying that teenage years can be tough for both the adolescent and the parent/guardian or teacher. Today, you shouldn’t be surprised to see your 13-year-old glued to their smartphone without even throwing a glance in your direction. Remember when they used to stick by your side a couple of years back? But now it seems like a millennium ago, doesn’t it? They grow up so fast, and by the time you catch up with all the changes, it’s almost too late. So, how exactly do you connect with teenagers and still plan a fun and educating event? Ah, yes! Group activities for teens.

There’s no better way to let teens have fun while learning a couple of things here and there like group activities. However, unless it’s a group event planned by their peers, as an adult, you will have a difficult time trying to get them to be part of the activity. So, here are two tips on how to plan a successful group activity for teens.

1. Don’t Manage, Consult

When planning a teen group activity, the last thing you need is to be the origin and manager of the event in question. Ever since teenagers can remember, adults have always been in charge. They planned their lives including signing their classes even choosing their friends. However, when adolescence kicks in, they no longer need a manager in their lives – and the only way you can to get to them is to consult.

Teenagers want many things, but the one thing they all want is to feel that they are in control. So, if you’re planning group activities for teenagers in your neighborhood, or school, make sure that the idea comes from them.

Give them time to talk and discuss among themselves and come up with a list of ideas. Then you can pick from the list. This way, you can choose an activity that will be suitable for the teenagers and the goal you have in mind.

2. Teenagers Only Activities

Teenagers are always looking for an opportunity to prove their new found maturity to adults. So, present them with that opportunity by planning an activity which you are not a part of. This way, not only will you give them time to bond with their peers, but you will also be showing that you trust in their ability to be responsible and in turn gain their trust.

Types Of Team Building Activities For Teens

1. Problem Solving Activities

These are activities in which teens collaborate to solve a puzzle. They may involve physical activity or calculation of a strategy.

2. Creative Activities

These are activities that involve a creative spin and require collaboration to end up with the desired result.

3. Challenges

These involve difficult tasks in which teens must collaborate to find a solution to the challenge facing them.

4. Fun

These are team building activities that are fun to indulge and are meant to bring joy to the participants. They bring a positive feeling to every participant and are key to creating bonds.

5. Leadership

These team building activities are solely based on problem-solving tasks which require every participant to show their leadership skills. These help teens who are not natural leaders to learn how they can contribute even if they don’t make the decisions themselves.

5 Great Team Building Activities For Teens

1. Murder Mystery

This may seem like a stuffy old game, but you can give it a 21st-century makeover. Go ahead and provide the teens with a theme, say, singers, sports stars, or actors. Preferably, get them to dress up to match their characters. Throughout the organized game, involve all the teens in trying to find out who the mysterious murderer is.

2. Silent Line Up

It’s a game that calls for the intelligence of the teens since they are told to organize themselves into a line according to a chosen criteria such as height, birthday or shoe size. The catch of the game is that the teens cannot communicate. The game aims at finding out how the teens can work out the silent line up without discussing.

3. Escape Game

Whenever you are working with a small number of teens, this could be the perfect game. It involves a limited number of escape rooms and participants have to solve a series of puzzles to get to the end of the game. Teens are expected to unlock a room to get the clue that helps them move to the next stage.

4. Paintballing

It is fun as well as challenging since it involves two teams, and one team is expected to eliminate as many players from the other team. Players in one team must collaborate, defend themselves, and protect one another to avoid elimination.

5. The Human Knot

It’s a simple game that requires no preparation. Teens are expected to stand in a circle and place their hands in the middle. After that, get them to hold the nearest hands. They should not look at whose hand they hold and should go on and try to detangle themselves. The game requires cooperation from all the teens as they have to go over and under one another to get back in an open circle. Once they manage to get back in an open circle, they have completed the challenge.

6. Sporting Events

Which teenager doesn’t love sports? Even if they aren’t involved in the game, some will be more than happy to be spectators. Sporting events are great teen activities that enhance both mental and physical health. Sports also foster camaraderie. Games to include in sporting events include:

– Soccer
– Slippery limbo
– Obstacle courses
– Chair racing etc.

7. Speed Dating

Speed dating is another awesome group activity for teens. The fun part of speed dating for teenagers is that you will provide them with questions or tasks to complete once they sit across one another. Make sure that the questions have a twist. For instance, one question could be to ask the other person to share an embarrassing childhood story. A speed dating event also boosts self-confidence.

Top Leadership Activities For Teens

Teenagers are an intriguing age group with incredible potential and the willingness to thrive. Team building activities for teenagers are essential in the development of skills such as communication and leadership skills. They also help in boosting the self-esteem of teens as well as develop trust among themselves. Activities such as paintballing are fun and require teamwork for the success of a team.

To harness this potential and ensure everything shapes up well, it’s worth to look at some of the top leadership activities for teens. By implementing these activities into a teenager’s life, it becomes easier to drill home key leadership qualities at such a vital age.

Here’s a deeper look into the top leadership activities for teens.

1. Evaluate Yourself

This is a unique activity and is a beautiful starter for young teenagers. It’s a great way to set their mind towards becoming stronger leaders and self-confident individuals.

The premise of this activity is to sit down in a room with the group. Once the group is together, it’s time to set aside important leadership quotes in different parts of the room (you can stick them on the wall or put them on the floor). Remember, there should be enough room between each quote, so the teens can shuffle around and find where they need to be.

After the quotes are in place, start reading the quotes that have been chosen. You want to take your time with each quote illustrating what it means and how it may play a role in a person’s life.

Once these quotes are highlighted, it’s time to ask each teen to walk towards a quote that resonates with them. You want each individual to make up their mind about what a leader is like by making them pick.

Ask each individual to share why they chose that specific quote and start writing keywords from their answers. In the end, you’ll have a list of words that describe what a good leader is all about. The goal of doing this is to show how leaders come in different forms and the best are able to take a little bit of everything to win the hearts of everyone.

2. Leadership Race

Before getting started, you will want to create small teams of 4+ (make sure it’s an equal amount or as close as possible).

The premise of this race is to find an open area and set aside 10-15 water bottles (empty). These water bottles are going to be organized to look like a maze of sorts.

Once the maze is set up, you are going to ask each team to choose a leader from their group. Everyone else in the group is going to close their eyes and/or put on a blindfold. Once the blindfold is on, the leader is responsible to get each member through the maze without knocking down the water bottles.

The team that finishes fastest will win the race!

The idea of this race is to showcase what it takes to be a leader when everyone is willing to listen. Your ability to lead can impact whether or not the person succeeds and this is why it’s important to be clear-cut with your words and directions.

3. Find the Leader

This activity will be completed as a group.

The group will be asked to choose a person that will leave the room for this activity. Everyone left in the room is now going to choose a leader from the remaining members. This leader is going to come up with actions the others have to follow. The leader will also be able to switch between actions whenever he/she feels it’s possible.

While this is happening, the first person will be asked to come back into the room. They are now responsible for finding the leader. The game will continue until the person finds out who it is.

20+ More Creative Team Building Activities For Teens

Need more fun team building activities? Check out the below list.

team building activities for teens list
team building activities for teens list

Final Thoughts

While going through the top leadership activities for teens, it’s best to understand why they’re important and the value that’s on offer. By recognizing the potential of these activities, you’ll be able to get more from them. This is why it’s essential to break things down in detail while helping teenagers grow as people and leaders in their community.