Why You Should Give Super Why Coloring Pages To Your Child

Does your child like the show Super Why? If your kid is a fan of this PBS show, you don’t necessarily have to buy them expensive toys. Instead, you could try giving your kid Super Why coloring pages! You can print out coloring pages for your child for free. Here are a few reasons to check these pages out.

Super Why Is An Educational Show

It’s important to show your kids that learning can be fun. Super Why is a silly show that’s designed to be entertaining, and it features a lot of elements that kids love, like superheroes. However, the show also teaches important skills, like spelling, reading, and even critical thinking.

A lot of the coloring pages that you’ll find will have educational elements to them. For example, in addition to the characters, a lot of the pages you’ll see will have spelling words! You’ll be able to teach your child and have a blast with them at the same time.

These Super Why Coloring Pages Are Suitable For Younger Kids

Super Why is primarily targeted towards preschoolers and early elementary aged children. Because of this, these pages are a great option for parents of younger children. Even if your kid is very young and is still learning their colors, they’ll love getting to color some of the characters from their favorite shows.

A lot of the coloring pages you’ll see online will feature characters from properties that are targeted towards older children. If you want pages that you can give your younger children, looking for Super Why pages should be perfect!

These Pages Are Easy To Color

All of the characters on Super Why have fairly simplistic designs. Even a child that is still getting used to holding crayons should be able to stay within the lines without too much of a problem. Complex coloring pages can be satisfying for an adult to cover, but they aren’t always going to be suitable for younger kids.

A lot of small children will be frustrated with coloring pages that have too many lines. When you’re coloring with your child, you don’t want them to be frustrated; you want them to have fun! Your child will be proud of what they’ve accomplished after they finish one of these pages.

There Are Plenty Of Super Why Coloring Pages

Your kids may not be content with coloring just one Super Why page. Once they finish a page, they’ll want a fresh new one to color. Thankfully, because this is such a popular kid’s series, there are a lot of pages and plenty of places to find them.

You’re not going to run out of coloring pages anytime soon. You should be able to find more than enough pages to keep your child satisfied. When you’re looking for Super Why pages, you might find pages from other PBS shows, like Dinosaur Train, as well.

You Can Find Pages Online That You Won’t Find In A Coloring Book

Coloring books aren’t that expensive, and you should be able to find Super Why coloring books at some local stores. With that said, you might not get the same experience if you decide to buy a coloring book.

If you print out pages online, you’ll find all sorts of images to color, and some of them won’t appear in any coloring books. Even if your kids have coloring books that they love, you can find fun new pages for them online.

Coloring Pages Can Keep Kids Entertained For Hours

It’s easy for parents to underestimate how entertaining coloring pages can be, especially when these pages feature some of a child’s favorite characters. If kids are really excited about a coloring page, they’ll want to spend a long time working on it.

Simply taking a few minutes to print out a few coloring pages could keep your child occupied for hours. If you need to distract your child for a while, or if you’re trying to keep your kids happy on a rainy day, pages like this are perfect.

If you haven’t tried giving your child Super Why coloring pages, why not check out free pages to see what’s available? If you do wind up trying these pages out, both you and your child will have a lot of fun.

Popular Super Why Characters

Super Why is a popular show, but you might be wondering who are some of the most popular Super Why Characters are. There are many characters in the show. If you want to learn who some of them are, then continue to read on.

Alpha Pig

One of the most popular characters is Alpha Pig, who is known for riding his tricycle. Alpha may sound familiar and that’s because he is from the Three Little Pigs. His dad is a construction worker, so he loves imagining that he is one too. In fact, Alpha is always wearing overalls and a hard hat.

Alpha Pigs also has powers known as alphabet power. He has a toolbox too that he uses to help him build words. Some of his favorite tools include a magnifying glass, his lucky letter lasso, and his brilliant binoculars.

As for other cool info, you should know about him, he is 4-years-old. His favorite hobbies include Poppa Pig and construction. His family members include most middle pig and eldest pig.

Princess Pea

As the name suggests, Princess Pea is a princess and she is from the story The Princess and the Pea. The story was created by Hans Christian Andersen. She can transform into the character Princess Presto and when she does she has a power that lets her spell out words that viewers need in order to finish reading the story.

Princess Pea is 10-years-old and her two favorite hobbies include going and hosting tea parties, as well as dancing. Her mother is Queen Pea and her dad is King Pea. She is known for having a polite and gentle attitude, as well as for being compassionate towards others. It’s also worth pointing out that she is one of the most popular Super Why characters.

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood needs no introduction and she is one of the most recognizable characters of all time. If you don’t know, she is from the popular classic story that bears her name. She is known for having a sassy and friendly attitude. Her superpower is Word Power and she can use it when she transforms into Wonder Red.

When she turns into Wonder Red, she can solve problems by changing words in the story. She loves making rhymes too, and she loves to get around from place to place via her roller skates. As for hobbies, she has many that include singing songs and writing songs, as well as skating and baking food.

Whyatt Beanstalk

Another popular character is Whyatt Beanstalk. He is known for being extremely helpful and friendly, good at trying to turn bad situations into positive situations and is very smart with excellent leadership skills, which you will notice as soon as you start watching the show.

His three favorite hobbies include drawing photos, playing sports and reading books. Whyatt is good at all three of those things. He has a big family too that consists of three siblings and his father and mother.

It’s worth pointing out that he comes from a famous family, with his older brother being in the story Jack and the Beanstalk, which is one of the most popular children’s stories of all time. Whyatt lives with his parents, as well as his sister. His older brother Jack lives at college, but he does appear every now and then in episodes.

Those are several popular Super Why characters. If you’re interested in seeing them, then start having your kids watch Super Why. Also, consider buying those characters in toy form, and give them to your kids or preschoolers. Trust us when we say they will love them.