Providing Kids With Great Shopkins Coloring Pages

Shopkins coloring pages have become extremely popular in recent years. Most kids enjoy the old past time of coloring and given the popularity of the Shopkins line, it is only natural that they would find joy in having coloring pages that reflect their interests. If you are looking for a great way to get your kids to practice coloring then finding these pages online is the perfect option for you and your children.

Many people do not consider the benefits that coloring can have for a young mind. It actually helps the child to develop their fine motor skills. By trying to color inside the lines they are honing in on their ability to do tasks that require higher amounts of defined accuracy. This will lead to them being able to learn how to write more easily once they enter school.

Fortunately, there are many options available when it comes to the style of Shopkins coloring pages found online. There are different levels available to cater to children of various ages. For example, a younger child is going to feel more accomplished with pages that have wider spaces between the lines. For older children, small spaces are more appropriate as it allows them to focus more on small details within the image.

There are also different options depending on the medium that you allow your child to use. For example, if your child is only allowed to use crayons you will want pages that have further spaces between the lines. The key is to keep in mind what will be appropriate for your child depending on their age and what they will be using to do the coloring. Printing pages of various abilities and types will give you the opportunity to see how your child’s coloring skills develop over time.

You can even search for coloring pages based on the characters that they depict. Just like how adults often have a favorite sports player, children tend to have their favorite Shopkins characters. Knowing your child’s preference and printing pages that reflect that will increase the likelihood that they will take part in the activity and enjoy doing so.

If you want to get your child into coloring one of the best ways is to present it in conjunction with something they already love. If your child or children are fans of this line this is likely the best option to get the results that you are looking for.

Coloring Pages Shopkins

A Comprehensive Look at Shopkins

Are your kids’ fans of toys? If they are, you have probably heard of Shopkins. These are a range of toys which are manufactured by a company known as Moose Toys. These products are based on items found in the grocery. They are plastic and come in a figure that is easily recognizable. Each toy in this brand has a unique name.

These toys are also collectibles. This essentially means they can be acquired by individuals who are toy collectors. The collectible toys or cards of characters in the Shopkins universe are usually categorized either as an exclusive, limited edition, special edition, ultra-rare, rare or common. If you have an exclusive collectible toy or card in your possession, it means you have a high-value item in your possession. Common collectibles as the name suggests are easy to find and thus have less worth.

The production of Shopkins begun in July of 2014. This is when the first season of Shopkins toys was released. As at the beginning of January in 2019, eleven seasons had been released.

Which Range of Items Can Be Found in The Shopkins Universe?

1. Toys

As mentioned earlier, Shopkins first began as a range of toys which were to be released in seasons. Each toy is plastic and is based on an item that can be found in the grocery store. Each of the toys in the Shopkins universe line is easily recognizable as they remind one of the items found in grocery stores.

These toys are often brightly colored and come in lettering that is bubbly. Toys under Shopkins are categorized into various categories such as sweets or bakery toys. Each of the toys in different categories mimics a unique character and has a unique name.

2. Books

Under the Shopkins universe, you can also find a series of books that are meant for young children. One example is a book sold by Scholastic publishers known as Shopkins: Welcome to Shopville. The entertainment books in the Shopkins universe contain fun facts about the products in this brand.

3. Movies by Shopkins

On the sixth edition of toys produced by Shopkins, an animation movie called Shopkins: Chef Club was released. This movie is great for kids.

There are two sequels to this movie released in 2016. They are; Shopkins: World Vacation (2017) and Shopkins: Wild (2018).

4. Shopkins web cartoon series

The Shopkins cartoon series for kids was released in 2014. It was released on YouTube and can be found on this popular streaming website. If your kid is a fan of Shopkins products, this cartoon is a must watch.

5. Collector cards

These are trading cards which contain characters from the Shopkins universe. When trading these cards with other collectors, value is determined by the rarity of cards. Levels of rarity range from exclusive to common as mentioned earlier.

6. The Shopkins Direct (Discontinued)

At the moment, Shopkins Direct does not exist. It was discontinued in 2018. However, pundits opine that this product may be resumed either in 2019 or 2020.

This was a subscription service. On subscribing to the Direct package, you could expect to get exclusive merchandise and accessories from Shopkins. The merchandise used to include new accessories, branded clothes and new unreleased items featuring characters from the Shopkins brand. Interested subscribers could either choose the seasonal package or the quarterly package.

Where Can You Find Shopkins Products?

There are very many Shopkins stores in various locations all over the globe. All you need to do to find the nearest store is to carry out a thorough online search. Additionally, if you are seeking to purchase Shopkins products, you can do it in online stores or from local authorized retailers. However, you should be careful when making a purchase since there have been reported cases of counterfeited Shopkins products.

Tips to Shopping for Shopkins Products

Look for toys that your kids love. Keep in mind that a child is more likely to be happier and have more fun if they are playing with a toy that they love. Observe your child and even question them on who is their favorite Shopkins character.

Prior to parting with your hard-earned cash, remember that there are counterfeit Shopkins products in the market. Do a thorough search to guarantee that you are purchasing from an authorized retailer. Some of the common issues with counterfeit Shopkins toys include breaking of toy parts and chipping of paint. It is best to buy toys from a Shopkins store.

If you are a collector, look for cards that have the highest value. This is the only way you can get value for a trade. If you are only acquiring common cards, it basically means that you have the same as everyone else. However, do not overlook some higher value cards. When collecting items, do not expect to gain value for trade immediately. Sometimes, it takes years before the true value of a trade can be realized.