Pokemon Coloring Pages for Kids

Pokémon is a Japanese cartoon that has enthralled both kids and adults alike for many years. The Pokémon world includes not only a television series but also movies, toys, popular apps and much more. Pokémon is not only fun and games. It has the ability to help children learn good sportsmanship, learn to respect other people, and also help children learn to read. Pokemon coloring pages are also a great activity for children.

But what are Pokémons? Pokémons are creatures. There are hundreds of Pokemon. They come in all different sizes and shapes. They are wild creatures and usually cannot speak. However, Pokémon can say their names. Pokémons are controlled by their owners, also known as trainers. As Pokémon are trained, they can get stronger, and better at what they do. Sometimes the creatures can evolve into something stronger and even better.

Pokémon is a very popular video game that allows players to catch and train Pokémon’s and prepare them for battle against other trainers and their Pokémon. The Pokémon TV series is one of the most popular cartoons ever created. It takes viewers on an exciting adventure into the world of trainers and their Pokémon.

Pokémons are highly collectible and are very fun to collect. In the Pokémon GO app, players use phones to find Pokémon in their own neighborhood. This game is addicting and allows players to combine the world of video games with the world around them.

Young children and even older children can use Pokemon coloring pages as a fun activity that promotes more than just Pokémon knowledge. Coloring pages have been proven to be a great stress reliever for kids and even adults. It helps by allowing you to relax and think about nothing but the coloring page.

Coloring can also help children express themselves. In a world where children do not get to make many decisions on their own, coloring allows them to choose completely how they want the page to look.

Studies have shown children spend far too much time in front of screens. Coloring allows them to spend constructive hours that allow them to think flexibly, meditate, and even boost their creative thinking.

Combining the very popular Pokémon characters and coloring makes the activity all the more exciting for children. They will love these Pokémon coloring pages and will want to spend hours expressing themselves and creating their very own Pokémon world.

Pokemon Coloring Page

Why Is Pokemon Still Such An Important Part Of Popular Culture?

We are now in the third decade of what can only be seen as a marketing phenomenon. How Pokemon stole into the limelight and has resisted efforts by larger and seemingly more current digital distractions to usurp its position is fascinating.

Pokemon hit the United States in 1998 amidst what can only be described as a ‘media blitz’. Parent company Nintendo was not leaving anything to chance – it wanted to dominate the emerging handheld gaming market – and it was prepared to spend lavishly to achieve that goal.

Strangely enough, there was a backlash against the popularity and pervasiveness of Nintendo’s offerings, both in terms of the Game Boy entertainment system. Commentators (online and offline) expressed reservations about this ‘kid-focused’ foreign import. The frenzy surrounding Pokemon was (to many people) a little to close to some sort of addiction that made them comfortable. Respected publications such as Time and Newsweek reassured readers that it was a fad – and would no doubt soon follow other fads such as Pet Rocks and the Hula Hoop into the shadows of history.

More than 20 years later consumers and marketing professionals are still waiting for Pokemon to fade gently away. In fact, Pokemon sales figures of both the ‘core’ games and the many spinoffs have only grown more robust as the years have passed. The ket to Pokemon’s success seems to have been evolution. Nintendo has made every effort to attract the interest of each new generation of consumers. There was the launch of Pokemon Go which Nintendo also backed to the hilt. According to some experts that was just a fad which quickly faded. This might be a slight exaggeration. Pokemon Go currently has over 5 million active players and sales are robust.

So what is Nintendo’s secret?

Firstly the Pokemon world as attractive to adults as it is to the younger audience. Adults enjoy the depth of the challenge while kids are more than happy to skim over the feast for imagination that is the Pokemon game foundation. The appeal of the game to both adults and kids must have been a welcome surprise to Nintendo. SO Pokemon now enjoys enormous popularity for both these markets. But there may be more to Pokemon’s continued success.

Pokemon was launched backed by card games, toys, and a TV cartoon – all aimed at kids. Those kids came on board in the millions. But then time went by and those kids became middle schoolers and suddenly Pokemon wasn’t as cool as it had been. But Nintendo had already filled the vacant space with a new generation of Pokemon lovers – so the popularity of Pokemon never dipped.

And then something strange happened. Those middle schoolers entered college – and started thinking back on their lives and what gave those lives meaning and happiness. Suddenly Pokemon was cool again – this time with an older demographic. Nintendo was the happy beneficiary of Pokemon longevity. The company has not been slow to capitalize on this opportunity. New Pokemon titles have been launched which boast a staggering depth of gameplay.

The success of the Pokemon franchise may at times have seemed like a brand that simply staggered into success by dint of money and sheer luck. The truth is very different.

When Pokemon was being developed Nintendo took a long look at the market as well as traditional games where trading and collecting are so central – and realized it would be a core principle of the games. You simply have “Gotta catch ’em all.” Nintendo has honed the science of gaming theory into fine art with the Pokemon universe. The entire gaming experience is built into a subtle series of negotiations, compromise, and ownership. Pokemon pushes all the right buttons in the psyche – rewards, success, fear, adulation, respect, competition – they are all there in the varied layers of the Pokemon experience.

The bottom line is that playing Pokemon in any of its current forms is fun. Nintendo is not going to abandon the franchise anytime soon. Pokemon it seems is one of those brands that is going to be mentioned in Business Schools across the globe – but will it be a success story or about a brand that loses its way? Only time will tell.