Fun PJ Masks Coloring Pages

Connor, Amaya, and Greg are lovable superheroes which makes them loads of fun to color in. This is where the PJ Masks coloring pages play a role in what children are able to do as they look to color in their favorite characters from the show. Whether it’s Gekko, Owlette, or CatBoy, there’s nothing better than being able to grab a coloring page and turn it into something personal and creative.

This is also where PJ Masks coloring pages offer a lot of value and end up being tremendously fun.

Unique Characters

It all starts with a unique list of characters.

PJ Masks is a show that has a lot to offer and that means each experience can be visualized into a unique coloring experience. It’s all about taking advantage of this beautiful collection of PJ Masks coloring pages and choosing the one that is best for your needs.

Each person is going to be different but that’s where these pages shine through. They are delightful to look at and have something special that is going to win you over immediately.

Huge Selection of Coloring Pages

Want to take your time while choosing the best possible PJ Masks coloring page?

This is a massive inventory of coloring pages that are going to give you a lot to work with and is going to make the experience as fun as you want it to be. This is the beauty of PJ Masks as a show and why it is so entertaining!


What is the main goal of these coloring pages?

The idea is to have fun and make sure the coloring experience is as fun as it is supposed to be. No one likes the idea of coloring something that is boring or doesn’t resonate with them at a personal level.

PJ Masks has earned critical acclaim as a show and continues to woo thousands of kids around the world. With this type of fan following, it only makes sense to get started with this type of activity and make the most of what each character has to offer.

This is the kind of fun everyone is able to enjoy!

Take a look at all of these PJ Masks coloring pages and choose the ones that are ideal for your needs. Whether it’s children or adults, there’s nothing better than being able to sit down and color your favorite characters including the likes of Owlette and CatBoy to name a few!

PJ Mask Coloring Pages

About The PJ Masks Show And Characters

The PJ Masks show is based On Romuald Racioppo’s striking and imaginative book series known as “Les Pyjamasques”. The show is all about super-heroism, yet these superheroes are all children.

During the day, 6-year old Greg, Amaya, and Connor attend school similar to their peers. Yet when something goes wrong in their city, these kids have special powers where they aim for justice and prepare for each mission. Yet they have to wait until the city goes to sleep at night to make sure they go undetected.

When night falls, these heroes put on their costumes (pajamas) and activate their own animal amulets, where they transform magically into Gekko, Owlette, and Catboy, more commonly known as the PJ Masks. Together the three are able to tackle all types of situations where they embark on solving mysteries, adventure, and mayhem that threatens their city.

PJ Masks Characters

Owlette, Gekko, and Catboy are the heroes that quickly get into action as soon as night falls. It is not easy to always be a superhero, especially when they have to constantly deal with pesky villains that are always up to something, Night Ninja, Luna Girl, and Romeo is always testing the heroes and have a commitment to causing as much trouble as they can.

Here are all PJ Masks Characters you will need to know

1. Catboy

Catboy is the main PJ Masks character and leader of the 3 heroes. He is amazingly agile and incredibly fast, and he is able to hear very quiet sounds from unbelievable distances. He does have a fear of water, yet he has the skills to outrun just about anyone and he is always able to give Night Ninja a challenge due to his acrobatic moves and amazing leaps.

2. Owlette

Owlette has outstanding planning skills and a super sharp mind. She is also able to fly and has exceptional eyesight. She performs her superhero activities with her Owl Glider where she can fly well beyond the streets of the city.

3. Gekko

Gekko is a sticky and strong master when it comes to camouflage. He is always prepared to rush head first into any danger with his super strong Gekko muscles. He is able to easily scale walls and travel underwater in his Gekko-mobile.

4. Romeo

Romeo is one of the villains who is a genius when it comes to mechanical mischief. He is constantly working on launching his most current invention in order to catch the PJ Masks trio.

5. Luna Girl

Luna Girl is known for wanting daytime things all to herself and she has terrible tantrums when things do not go her way. Along with her moths, Luna Girl is constantly in search of capturing the day time and fun activities, hoping that the PJ Masks will leave her alone.

6. Night Ninja

The back-flipping, splat-sticking Ninja who is always interested in proving that he is the very best when it comes to everything. He works with a team that he calls his Ninjalino’s where he is constantly planning to take away the city’s greatest assets which include the PJ Masks HQ.

7. The Wolfy Kids

These children include Kevin, Howler, and Rip called the Wolfy Kids. They are half human, half werewolf and always have cunning plans that involve trying to take the city over. These characters are threatening yet silly buffoons.

8. Armadylan

This is a confused villain who actually longs to be the hero. This PJ Masks character wraps into a tight ball where he rolls around the city trying to attempt to be a hero, yet he does not understand what it actually means to become one. He is always trying to outdo the PJ Masks clan, where he ruins their plans when he decides to take the side of the villains.