Fun Paw Patrol Coloring Pages

Paw Patrol is one of the most popular shows in the world and is well-regarded for having fun characters. Children can benefit greatly from Paw Patrol coloring pages. These provide lots of fun while also developing their imagination, sharpening their motor skills, and aiding them to vastly view their surroundings and broaden their horizons.

For young children, it’s never a bad idea to take out those coloring tools and begin working on putting together something straight out of a beautiful art book. This is why these Paw Patrol coloring pages are an ideal option for kids looking to have a bit of fun while creating something that is going to be beautiful from day one.

Here are some of the reasons for these Paw Patrol coloring pages being an awesome addition to anyone’s collection.

Various Designs

It starts with the varied designs as each coloring page is made to offer a different essence of Paw Patrol.

Whether it is coloring Firedog Marshall or Ryder, there is something for everyone and this is what will stand out as soon as it is time to start coloring. Those who want to make the most of their experience will know it starts here.

It is going to be an experience of a lifetime and it will include all of the Paw Patrol designs people want in one collection. This is the charm of great coloring pages!


What is the premise of coloring?

it is the idea of being entertaining and creating something that is truly creative. In this case, the coloring pages will not only look the part but are also going to be entertaining at the same time.

This is the type of balanced value everyone wants to see! These coloring pages do it all and will have the quality you want.


Kids want to be able to color while having fun and that is what Paw Patrol is all about.

Each coloring page is going to bring something unique to the table and that is going to be the reason for everyone having fun. Whether it is coloring a page with Ryder, Chase, or Skye, everyone will know they are going to find something great to do.

These coloring pages are meant to be engaging and are going to offer the kind of quality everyone is after when they hope to sit down and start coloring.

These are the reasons to go with one of these Paw Patrol coloring pages as soon as possible. Kids are going to enjoy the premise and it will offer the kind of control anyone will fall in love with as soon as they get a peek.

Coloring Pages Paw Patrol

7 Interesting Facts About Paw Patrol

If you are a parent of a little one, you have probably heard about Paw Patrol. With that said, how much do you really know about this show? Here are 7 interesting facts that will give you the inside scoop on one of your child’s favorites.

1. They Are Voiced By Children

Unlike most children’s shows whose characters are voiced by adult voice actors, this is not the case with Paw Patrol. Nearly all of the voices that grace your ears when watching the show are those of actual children. The actors who are used include Devan Cohen and Drew Davis, who provide the voices for Rubble and Marshall respectively.

2. A Popular Internet Site Declared It The Worst Show On TV

Children who watch the show like the fact that the pups all have nice gadgets inside of their packs. One very popular site on the Web has taken offense to this since the only female pup does not have one. Whether this is an oversight by the creators or there is some other reason, it has been criticized for this. It is not clear whether there will be any changes made in response to this feedback.

3. The Creator Has Been Successful In The Past

Have you ever heard of Bob the Builder? If so, you can thank the creator of that show, Keith Chapman, for introducing Paw Patrol to the world. Chapman created his first show in 1998 and it is still a hit with children all over. Considering the fact that he has proven longevity is possible, it means that Paw Patrol may end up being around for a long time.

4. It Is Known All Over The World

There are some children’s shows that are universally loved and this is one of them. Little ones all over the globe adore Paw Patrol. In fact, it is just popular in the United States and the United Kingdom than it is in Canada, where it was created. In total, there are more than 150 countries where episodes of the show can be seen.

Even in countries where this does not air on television, it can be accessed by watching episodes on the Web. Sites like YouTube make this very easy to do.

5. It Saved Nickelodeon

Not that the network was heading for extinction or anything, but the ratings for many of the shows on this channel were not as high as previous years. As a result, it seemed that the station was losing the popularity contest. Once this show premiered on Nickelodeon, the network has been more popular than it has ever been. The longer it runs and fans continue watching, the better off the station is.

6. The Story Behind The Logo

When you look at the show, the word “paw” in the logo is spelled in all caps since it is an acronym and does not actually refer to body parts of an animal. This actually stands for “Protect and Wag” or “Puppies at Work” according to the production company. This has been trademarked, yet it has not been used on any merchandise as of yet. Since there are plans for the show to continue for more seasons, there is a chance that this can change at a later date.

7. True To Canadian Law

On the show, one of the characters has six cats. This may not seem significant, but this is likely a nod to the laws in Ontario, Canada. An owner is allowed to have up to three dogs and six cats. Any more than that is a violation and you may be subjected to a fine. This is probably why Mayor Humdinger does not have more feline friends.

If you have smaller children, then you have probably been hearing about Paw Patrol for a while now. As an adult, it may not have the same appeal to you, but it is always nice to know interesting facts about things that your little ones adore. The next time you are told that you are old and you do not understand anything, let them know that you have the inside scoop on the show and you are more than willing to share it with them.