HMD Global Oy wanted to attract the attention of users around the world with the introduction of the Nokia X6   mid- segment phone .

In May 2018, this phone was the first smartphone manufactured by the company, with a cut in the screen, The phone allows phone users to hide the pieces located in the upper center of the screen, and this update holds structure 229D.B01.

This update also includes some other changes in the Nokia X6 phone, including the possibility of activating the mode of the Mode Mode, as well as some restrictions on applications in the background, and the user can through this update to hide some of the applications he wants, and the other features that came This update is a drag-to-left feature for easy scanning of text messages that the user does not want. 

Not only did the new phone update add some features but it also improved some of the capabilities already in the phone, including improved touch screen sensitivity and improved wifi.

The Nokia X6 is currently only available in the Chinese market at a price of around US $ 235. It should be noted that this update is currently not available to the phone users, as it will take some time to reach them.

Read more:  Nokia Announces Its New Nokia 3.1 Phone System As for the general specifications of the Nokia X6 phone, know them in the following points:- The company announced the phone in May 2018- The phone was launched in the same month –

The front of the phone is made of glass and frame of metal- The phone comes in dimensions of 147.2 x 71 x 8 mm- The phone receives two SIM cards so that the user can disconnect personal contacts from work without having to purchase another phone –

The phone comes in very light weight is 153 grams, which makes the hand in hand or put in the pocket is easy for the user- The phone screen came from IPS LCD type- Multi-touch screen –

The phone screen supports 16 million colors to see things in different colors- Screen measure 5.8 inches, giving the user a large viewing area- The screen is 80.3% of the front area of ​​the phone-

The screen comes in 1080 × 2280 pixels- The brightness of the screen is 435 lumens per inch, which allows the user to see the contents of the screen clearly under the sun

– The screen of the phone is equipped with protection system Corning Gorilla against breakage and shocks version III- The phone is running Android operating system version 8.1 Oryo is the latest operating systems- Snapdragon 636 phone processor-

The phone has an Adreno 509 graphics processor, for a great experience while playing games- Contains RAM of 6 or 4 GB RAM-The phone has internal memory of 64 or 32 GB-

The phone has external storage up to 256 GB- The phone has a camera double background lens first 16 megapixel camera and the second is 5 megapixel resolution- The front camera of the phone is 16 megapixels – The phone has a LED flash next to the rear camera-

The phone camera has an HDR feature that improves its performance in large images- The camera has face detection and smile detection feature- The camera has the horizontal panorama feature- The user can shoot 1080p video at 30 frames per second through the phone-

The phone has a 3060 mA non-removable battery-The phone supports fast charging technology-The phone does not support FM radio-The Bluetooth version in the phone is 5.0 which gives a wider range and greater speed for the process of transferring and receiving data to and from other devices- The phone is available in the following colors: Black, Blue, White