My Little Pony Coloring Pages of Your Favorite Pony

Whether you’re looking for adult coloring pages or trying to find coloring pages for your child, My Little Pony coloring pages are a great way to spend time. Coloring relieves stress, helps you learn about art, and is a great way to show off creativity. You may find that there are MLP coloring pages available for all of your favorite characters.

Children love My Little Pony coloring pages and can color in the house, on the go, or at school. While coloring is certainly a satisfying task, it is likewise a teaching tool because it helps with handwriting and much better prepares kids for school. Anyone that has contact with young kids is motivated to introduce coloring to them, due to the fact that it gives them a task to focus on while also providing them a possibility to express their creativity.

The Mane Six

The Mane Six are the group of six female protagonist ponies of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The group consists of:


Rarity is known throughout the kingdom for being a bit of a fashionista. She focuses on making sure that she, and everyone else that she can talk into it, looks their best. Her cutie mark is made up of several diamonds, a gem that is just as rare and beautiful as she is.

Apple Jack

Apple Jack works at Sweet Apple Acres and is a hard-working farmer pony. She’s known for being honest, diligent, and reliable. Her cutie mark is several bright red apples.

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash is a Pegasus with brightly colored hair and tail and a cutie mark featuring a cloud with a lightning bolt. She is athletic and competitive, as well as a little reckless.


Fluttershy is a quiet, introverted Pegasus who enjoys the company of animals. Her cutie mark is three pink butterflies, and she is known throughout the kingdom for being kind and gentle. She is also incredibly shy, and this is used as a major point in the show.

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie runs the local bakery and loves to organize parties and events. This socialite has a pink mane and pink body, with a cutie mark featuring several balloons. She is fun, quirky, talkative, and easily excitable.

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle is a unicorn and the main character of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She studies the magic of friendship throughout the show, accompanied by her companion dragon, Spike. She enjoys her studies and is a bit of a perfectionist, and her cutie mark is a large sparkle.

There are a variety of My Little Pony coloring pages available, no matter who your favorite pony or companion is. Whether you’d like a sheet that features all the ponies, a coloring sheet from a specific plotline, or a sheet that shows off the beauty and magic a single pony has to offer, you’re sure to find it. Enjoy coloring alone or with your children when you find these My Little Pony coloring pages online.

My Little Pony Coloring Pages

6 Things You Didn’t Know About My Little Pony and My Little Pony Coloring Page

My Little Pony is a toy line that was released by Hasbro in 1982. Since then, there have been numerous developments, including a revamp in 2010, which included the introduction of a television series. There are so many people who are fans, but how much do they really know about this franchise? here are 6 facts about My Little Pony that may surprise you.

1. Inspired By An Actual Pony

The creator, Bonnie Zacherle, used to live in Japan with her family as a child. While there, she fell in love with a pony and was very disappointed that she was not allowed to bring him with her once she left the country. She has described the pony as being fairly chubby and this is why the arms and legs of the toys look this way.

2. They Weren’t The Original

Hasbro introduced the My Pretty Pony line in 1981. It was made of hard plastic and it was 10 inches tall. They were not as successful as people believed they would be, so the company decided to make some changes, particularly to the size of the pony.

3. There Were Several Imitations

After the original line of these toys was discontinued in 1992, there were several imitations made available to consumers. While they did not look identical to an actual My Little Pony, they were close enough that anyone looking could see that they were the inspiration.

One of the imitation toys was released by Hasbro itself. They were called Cabbage Patch Ponies and they were a combination of two toys that were popular at the time, My Little Pony and Cabbage Patch Kids. Some of them had yarn hair, which was a signature feature of the latter.

4. Male Fans Exist

While this franchise was targeted to girls when it was introduced, that has changed tremendously. There is actually a subset of males that consider themselves fans of the TV series. These fans are referred to as bronies, which is a combination of the words “bro” and “pony.”

People who are part of this subset tend to think of themselves as far removed from all others who enjoy the show. In fact, many of them tend to focus more on the cliques they have created than the show they claim to be fans of.

5. The UK Media Are Not Fans

There are people all across the world who say that this is a great toy for children since they are allowed to play quietly with something that does not promote anything sexual or violent, but the same cannot be said for the television series that was released in 2010.

Many members of the UK media insist that the feminine qualities that are given to many of the characters make it rather sexual. This is extremely negative since the target demographic is younger girls. This may explain why the show has garnered so many male fans since its introduction.

6. Hasbro Ran From Competitors

Many toys are discontinued when it seems they are no longer popular, but this is not what happened to Hasbro. They were so concerned about the competition that they decided to bow out. Considering the fact that more than 150 million of these were sold in the 1980s, this seems like a pretty strange move.

Whether you are someone that has been around since the first generation of this franchise or you are someone who has a newfound love for it, this information should come in handy. You can use it to show all of your friends that you aren’t exaggerating when you call yourself a fan.