Lisa Frank Coloring Pages for Your Little Girl – Why You Should Have Them on Hand

Growing up in the 90s provided many things that we are now nostalgic for. And one of these memory-filled treasures are the works by Lisa Frank. We can remember beautiful designs on notebooks, trapper keepers, pens and pencils, binders, and much more! The beloved characters conceived by Lisa Frank even graced bedroom sets for little girls, stuffed animals, and other items that added color and fun to a young one’s space. But one item that many little girls enjoyed was Lisa Frank coloring pages. These can still be found in the form of Lisa Frank coloring books, or, if you are equipped with a printer, you can print out the beautiful and fun images for free inside of your home. This is excellent for your little girl when she desires to color, and it gives you that thrilling surge of nostalgia.

Why are Lisa Frank coloring pages great for a young child?

Improves Motor Skills

Well, coloring has been linked to a number of benefits that help in a little girl’s development. One such benefit is to the little one’s motor skills. The designs of Lisa Frank range from simple to quite complex. And the more your child holds their hand steady while gripping their crayon, colored pencil, or marker, the stronger the muscles in their fingers and hands will become. This can aid them in sports, as well as holding and manipulating small objects.

Stimulates Creativity

Another excellent reason to provide your child with Lisa Frank coloring pages is the fact that coloring stimulates a young one’s creativity. The designs of Lisa Frank are highly colorful and are excellent at grabbing the attention of anyone who lays eyes on them. Show these to your child and watch how quickly it takes for their minds to become captivated. Fortunately, it does not matter whether or not your child colors within the lines – the longer that they spend time coloring the better they will get at coloring inside of their boundaries. Simply having to plan out the colors they want to use helps to stimulate their creativity and develop their ability to spot visual differences. Coloring is also beneficial in helping them to solve problems as they grow older.

Contributes to Better Handwriting

Coloring is an activity that requires attention to detail. While you may want to print coloring pages designed by Lisa Frank that are simple to complete at first, providing more complex designs will develop your little one’s ability to hone in on more detailed images and even lead to better handwriting as she grows older. Hand to eye coordination also improves, which is an excellent benefit to her growth.

Color Awareness

While coloring, your little one will also begin to learn not only the different colors that are available to her to fill her picture in with but also which colors work best with other hues. This will get her familiar with primary colors, and different values of these colors that she can use to produce a darker picture or a lighter one, at will. This is especially excellent when coloring images designed by Lisa Frank. It’s no secret that her designs are bold and full of color.

Why else should you provide your young one with Lisa Frank coloring pages? Not only will she have a lot of fun, but coloring is also an activity that will increase her self esteem and make her feel great about herself. She will be able to see her progress when it comes to how neat each finished picture turns out, and the simple act of completing a coloring page will make her feel excellent about the fact that she accomplished something.

Now that you know just why filling in Lisa Frank coloring pages will be beneficial for your little girl, the question is where to find these images? Fortunately, there are several ways to gain access to individual coloring pages that feature the characters designed by Lisa Frank that we know and love. One way is to search for Lisa Frank pages to color on Google. Selecting the “Image” icon will show you a number of images that you can choose from and download for free, or you can examine the first page of search results that will lead you to coloring pages of all designs and characters, including Lisa Frank.

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