Why Your Child Will Love Hatchimals Coloring Pages

Is your child already a fan of Hatchimals? These adorable little characters are making a hit with many children and for all the right reasons. Embracing, cute, sweet and fun, these darling characters are stealing hearts so if your little one is hoping to embrace them, even more, we completely understand why! One great way to have your little one smiling from ear to ear is to get your hands on some Hatchimals coloring pages; trust us, you are going to be in your child’s good books for a long time to come if you present them with Hatchimals coloring pages for them to work on alone or you to enjoy together. In fact, here is why Hatchimals coloring pages are not only going to make your child happy but are also really great for them too!

Bringing Your Child’s Litle Buddies To Life

As children start to grow they have a strong desire for friendship. Of course, some of this friendship is the real kind with actual breathing human beings! However, animated friend,s imaginative friends, and buddies from characters they know are also part of the process. Developing these types of friendships goes a long way in developing the personality of your child. If your little one already loves Hatchimals, being able to engage with their new little friends by coloring them in, giving them a personality, talking to them on the page and so forth, is a great way to create friendship skills in your child, something they will carry with them for the rest of their life.

Developing Cognitive Skills And Co-Ordination Skills

Coloring in is a wonderful task for all small children. It is incredible how many skills and abilities are refined and developed through this simple and timeless act. However, giving your child a random page to color in may not create in them a desire to complete the task, or they may color it in without desire or thought. However, when you give them a coloring page which boasts something they love such as a Hatchimals coloring page, you open up a whole new door to your child. Now, your little one has the desire to make their project incredible. They love their little buddies and they are going to spend time and invest thought into what they need to do to make their friend look fabulous. All of these thought processes and activities are contributing to helping your child to develop, learn and grow. That’s right, a darling little Hatchimals can have such a significant impact on your little one’s development!

A Fun Activity To Do Together

We know that being a parent is a busy life! It can seem like there are so many tasks to complete and so many things to juggle that you don’t always have the time you would like to spend with your child. If this sounds like your situation it is time to take a step back and re-analyze what you can do to change things. Children are only small for such a short period of time yet the impact that those early years have on the rest of their lives is massive. Sharing time together completing a fun task that your child enjoys will go a long way in strengthening the parent-child bond that you already have and will give your child that content and secure feeling of being loved and cherished; a feeling that can impact how your child grows and develops.

Hatchimals coloring pages can provide a great activity for you both to do together. Not only are you showing your child how important it is to take an interest in the likes and preferences of other people but you are also teaching them about teamwork and the benefits of working together. Indeed, you may simply think that you are taking a few minutes out to color in with your child but what you are actually doing is giving them a life lesson and refining their character and personality.

Have we convinced you that giving your child Hatchimals coloring in pages is a very worthwhile task? We sure think that it is! In fact, you may very well find that not only your child but you too enjoy the whole experience!

Hatchimal Coloring Pages

How To Hatch A Hatchimal The Easy Way

One toy that kids really seem to love is the Hatchimal by Spin Master. Hatchimals are responsive electronic toys that come enclosed in their own plastic shell, in the same way, that a real bird would. While kids and even parents have fun with the toy, they also find it difficult to hatch the Hatchimal from its egg. Here are some tips that can show people how to hatch a Hatchimal.

The first thing to keep in mind when figuring out how to hatch a Hatchimal is that the Hatchimal relies on help from its owner. The egg needs to be held for it to have a successful hatch. The egg won’t hatch once it has been put down. There are certain sections on the bottom and top of the egg that are activated with the touch of a hand. It is recommended by Spin Master that the egg is held and rubbed until hatching finishes. Rubbing the sides in an up and down manner also facilitates the process.

Hatching Time

The hatching process can be a long waiting game. The Hatchimal may not start hatching until 25 minutes after commands are issued, and it can even take 40 minutes to an hour for the Hatchimal to successfully complete hatching. However, the length of the hatching process depends on how much the user interacts with the egg.

The more noise a Hatchimal is making, the less likely it is to hatch. This is because the Hatchimal can hear when a user is tapping on its shell. If the tapping is being drowned out by the sound that the Hatchimal is already making, then it won’t be able to hear anything. This can be fixed by putting the toy to sleep. Simply turning it upside down and waiting eight seconds will put the toy in a sleeping state. Rotating it upright and rubbing its shell will return the Hatchimal to its normal state.

Hatchimal Sleep Mode

The Hatchimal can also be put into sleep mode by letting it rest on a table for three seconds or more. This will cause it to stop reacting to anything. The sleep mode will take care of most errors that can happen with the toy’s behavior.

While hatching is in progress, the Hatchimal can enter sleep mode, which puts a stop to it. It can do this even if it has already made it through the midpoint of hatching. This can be countered with a twisting shake move. By picking up the egg and giving it a twist and a shake, the egg will wake up again and continue hatching.

If push comes to shove, and the Hatchimal is still having a tough time getting out of the egg on its own, then it’s time to give it a little physical help. After the egg has begun cracking a little, users can break bits of the shell near the beak. This won’t cause the entire egg shell to crack, so users can still experience the Hatchimal making its way out of most of the shell. Once most of the shell is broken, the top half can be removed and thrown away.

After learning how to hatch a Hatchimal, it should be easy for kids and parents to get the fun robotic toy out of its shell. Patience is the key to dealing with the Hatchimal. Since the Hatchimal does mimic the hatching of a real animal, it will take time, but if kids and parents are willing to wait and help the Hatchimal along the way, they can have a satisfying experience with the toy while it hatches.