Why You Should Give Your Child Descendants Coloring Pages

The Descendants series is hugely popular with fans of Disney. In addition to the movies that have aired on the Disney channel, a lot of kids love the books based on the series. If your kid is a fan, then they will probably love Descendants coloring pages as well. There are plenty of reasons for you to give them some crayons and a coloring page.

You Can Print Out  Descendants Coloring Pages For Free

As long as you have access to a printer, you won’t have to spend any money to get a hold of coloring pages. You’ll be able to get everything that you need for free. There are tons of sites, such as yourfreecoloringpages.com, that offer Descendants Coloring Pages, and the majority of these sites don’t charge any sort of fees at all.

Raising a kid can be expensive, especially if you take entertainment options into account. Luckily, if you have a printer and some markers or crayons, there are ways for you to keep them entertained without spending cash. Print out a page so that they can start having fun.

Coloring Can Be A Bonding Activity

It’s important to find ways to bond with your child. As a parent, you’re an authority figure. However, you should also work to build a positive relationship with your kid. That way, they’ll feel like they can come to you when they’re having a problem.

Coloring can be a fantastic way to bond, especially if you pick pages from a series that they love. When your child is coloring, you can ask them to tell you a little bit more about Descendants and the characters on their coloring page. They’ll love having the chance to share their interests with you.

Children Can Learn When They’re Coloring

A lot of people don’t see coloring as education. It’s true that a kid won’t learn as much from a coloring page as they would from a textbook. Still, the act of coloring is an excellent way to teach a young child the names of various colors.

Coloring can also help children to develop other essential skills, such as motor skills. It can even encourage children to think more creatively. Coloring is a fun pastime, but it has benefits that go far beyond that.

Descendants Coloring Pages Will Be Able To Engage Kids

If you have your child sit down with a simple coloring page, they might get bored and want to move on to other activities instead. However, if you present them with a page that features characters from their favorite series, they’ll want to color for hours or more.

It can be hard to keep kids occupied, especially when they’re smaller. Children have a lot of energy, and it can be a challenge to get them to sit still. However, if you find coloring pages that they’re excited about, they might actually ask you to sit down and color.

It’s Easy To Find Coloring Pages

Years ago, it might have been a challenge to find a selection of coloring pages for your child. Now, however, finding the pages you want should be a breeze. Since coloring pages are very popular, there are tons of sites that offer them.

There’s an impressive selection of coloring pages out there, including a lot of pages that feature the cast of the Descendants. Once you start looking for pages, you’ll find lots of different options.

Coloring Is A Great Alternative To Electronic Devices

There is nothing wrong with giving your child some screentime. With that said, you might not want to sit them down in front of the TV or with a tablet all day. Most experts recommend putting a limit on the amount of time your kid spends in front of a screen.

If your child is addicted to electronics, and you’re trying to find other activities that they will get excited about, coloring pages that feature Descendants characters are a safe bet. You can find coloring pages that include other characters they love as well.

Start looking for Descendants coloring pages so that you’ll be able to enjoy all of the different benefits that they provide. A lot of parents rely on coloring pages. Once you see how easy it is to get pages, and how much your kids adore them, you’ll feel the same way.

Which Descendants Character Are You Like?

So, you are in love with the hit movie and TV series Descendants and Descendants 2. In fact, you probably have seen the show countless times. You are familiar with all of the characters and their personalities such as Evie, Mal, Jay, and Carlos. You also know many of the other kids at Auradon prep school as well.

However, have you ever wondered which Descendants character are you most like? Maybe it is time to discover which Descendant character has a personality like yours? For instance, are you handsomely charming and athletic like Jay or do you have Mal’s independent leadership qualities? You might be creative like EV or fearless like Carlos. The good news is, you can discover which Descendant personality is close to yours by taking an online quiz.

As mentioned previously, Descendants is a very popular movie and TV series. Nevertheless, there might be someone out there who does not know anything about this entertaining series. This short article will provide you with a few basic pieces of information so that you can converse with anyone who is a Descendant’s fan. Even if you decide not to ever watch a Descendant’s movie or TV show, which would be sad, you can feel confident with your knowledge about the characters when talking to others.

The basic plot of the show begins with Queen Belle and King Beast being united in wedlock so that they can bring together the kingdoms of the United States of Auradon. These two principal characters are then elected to be the new leaders of this idyllic kingdom. Any villains, or their accomplices, are thereafter forced to be prisoners on the Isle of the Lost. It is an island that is forbidden and is protected by a magical barrier that prevents entry or escape.

Prince Ben, the adolescent son of Queen Belle and King Beast, is about to ascend the throne in present-day Auradon. He begins his reign with an official proclamation. The proclamation provides an opportunity for 4 trouble-making teenagers of villains, who reside in the Isle of the Lost, to be part of the Auradon population and attend Auradon prep school.

The 4 trouble-making teenagers chosen are Evie (the daughter of the Evil Queen), Jay (who is the son of Jafar), Carlos (the son of Cruella De Vil), and Mal (the daughter of Maleficent). All of the children are told about this opportunity by Maleficent. Unfortunately, each of the teenagers is under extreme pressure by their evil parents to help regain their parent’s previous power. They can do this by stealing the Fairy Godmother’s Magic Wand.

There are many interesting characters that make this show so exciting. For example, some of the Descendants include Jay, Doug, Jane, Lonnie, Chad Charming, Audrey, Carlos De Vil, Mal, Evie, and Ben. The villains are Cruella De Vil, the Evil Queen, Jafar, and Maleficent. The heroes of the show include Queen Belle, King Beast, Snow White, Fairy Godmother, and Queen Leah. Other characters are Coach Jenkins and Mr. Deley. From the above selection, which Descendants character are you wanting to be?

Descendants may be a Disney production but it is far from being one of the traditional, happy ending fairy-tales. This is especially true for anyone living on the Isle of the Lost. Life on this forbidden Island is dreary and dark. There is no magic and all of the prisoners are subjected to a hard life because they have lost all of their magic powers.

They do not even know how to cook. This is why some of the islands menu items include sparkling slop with sour wine, mealy apples, sour milk lattes, and crusty barley oatmeal. Yes, there are fairy-tales with happy endings in many Disney productions but for the residents on the Isle of the Lost, there is only despair. However, the question remains, which Descendants character are you like?