How Black Panther Coloring Pages Are Introducing Children To Modern Superheros

Waiting in the bay of a fast-moving plane from Wakanda, one of the members of the special forces units from Wakanda warns the king, T’Challa, that he should not freeze. The leader then tells the special forces team that he has no plans to freeze. Not only is he calm, but he is also regal, self-confident and shows just how cool he can be during adversity. It is then he puts on the mask of the Black Panther and becomes the superhero of the film. It is this superhero that has become the face of the popular Black Panther coloring pages.

As he drops from above the clouds, a car is reduced to pieces of crushed metal as he somersaults with ease. He then lands on a building sideways and runs along the length of the building before jumping onto a car that is speeding by. Although this scene seems like it lasted forever, it only lasted a few seconds. It was this scene and those like it throughout the movie that helped to solidify the Black Panther as Marvel’s new superhero.

Black Panther Coloring Pages: A Superhero That Is In Control And Can Occupy The Spotlight

It seems as though the director of the film, Ryan Coogler, wanted to make it crystal clear that the Black Panther was going to be a superhero, unlike anything comic book fans had ever seen before. By watching Chadwick Boseman play the Black Panther in the movie ‘Captain America: Civil War’, it was easy to see that this character was not only charismatic, but he was going to be the one that would be able to fill in the space that was within the group.

The movie also showed that T’Challa is not only inspiring and accessible but that he is also human. After many years of Hollywood attempting to depict what the modern African-American superhero should be, Black Panther appears to have finally gotten it right.

What Does Black Panther Have In Common With Other African-American Superheroes?

The movie ‘Black Panther’ and Black Panther coloring pages are not the first time that the African-American community has been presented with a superhero. However, the previous superheroes were characters such as:

– Shaft
– Foxy Brown
– Coffee
– Cleopatra Jones

These characters were detectives, nurses, and vigilantes that were waging war against the establishment. They were seen as a one-man or one-woman squad that was against gangs, drugs, and corruption.

It was not that often that these superheroes donned African garb. More often than not, they wore flashy, pimp-style outfits and other costumes when they were ready to give out justice through their alter-egos.

Even though Black Panther first made an appearance during the Civil Rights Movement, the first real generation of black superheroes such as Storm, Luke Cage, and the Falcon, were the offspring of the African-American vigilante era.

African-American Superheroes Of The 1990s and 2000s

It was during this era that filmmakers were looking to bring back the characters of the 1970s with movies such as ‘Meteror Man’, ‘Blankman’ and ‘Steel and Spawn’. These African-American superheroes had white counterparts such as Batman and Superman, and typically had one catchphrase or joke. The only exception to this was the 1998 release of ‘Blade’.

Blade was the first of several movies about a vampire hunter that starred Wesley Snipes as the main character. Not only was this movie series was successful, these movies also proved to be the benchmark that proved that a relatively unknown comic book character from a relatively unknown comic book could gain mainstream acceptance and popularity. It became the blueprint for Marvel Studios to create a MCU takeover in pop culture.

Unfortunately, ‘Blade’ was not successful enough to help more African-American superheroes get to the top tier. This means that the only choices audiences had during that time was Halle Berry (Storm) and Anthony Mackie (Falcon).

Why Black Panther Is Different

Audiences could instantly feel that Black Panther was different from the abovementioned superheroes because the director decided to do something that was never done with other characters. The director chose to make Black Panther a character who would be powerful, imaginative and respected.

With that said, audiences saw a film that embraced African aesthetics with a predominantly black cast. This decision was pivotal in changing the idea of what moviegoers considered to be a black superhero.

Black Panther coloring pages can help ignite your children’s joy for their favorite character from the movie. They can bring T’Challa to life with colored pencils and crayons.