Why Your Kids Will Love Bendy And The Ink Machine Coloring Pages

Have you tried giving your kids Bendy and the Ink Machine coloring pages? If your children haven’t tried these coloring pages out yet, you’ll want to try them as soon as you can. It’s likely that your kids are going to love these pages, and you might wind up loving them too.

This Game Is A Favorite Of YouTubers

Most kids love YouTube, and they’re always excited to see the games that their favorite YouTubers are playing. Bendy and the Ink Machine has been the subject of a lot of streams and Let’s Plays. If your kid spends time watching YouTube gaming videos, they’ll be familiar with this game, even if they’ve never played it before.

If you mention coloring pages that feature Bendy characters to your child, you can expect them to get excited. When you sit down to color with them, you can ask them to tell you how they learned about Bendy. They might want to share some of their favorite YouTube videos with you.

These Pages Are Kid-Friendly

Even though this is a horror game, you won’t have to worry about finding pages that are appropriate for the kids. The characters in Bendy simply look like old-fashioned cartoons. This isn’t that different from giving your kids coloring pages that feature old Mickey Mouse characters.

The game might be a little too scary for your kid to play, but they can still have a lot of fun with coloring pages. If your child has expressed an interest in Bendy, you might want to print up a few pages for them before you let them play the game.

Bendy And The Ink Machine Coloring Pages Can Encourage A Child To Get Creative

When kids are coloring characters that they know, they often try to use colors that match the character’s design. However, the characters in Bendy are designed to look like they belong in black and white cartoons. They aren’t colorful at all.

Your child might spend a lot of time coloring with the black crayon if you present them with these coloring pages. However, it’s also possible that they’ll experiment and pick out colors themselves. It might be fun for you to see the colors that they select.

There Are Tons Of Different Pages Available

This game has exploded in popularity; it has a lot of devoted fans. In addition to this, the designs of these characters are simplistic, which makes it easy to convert images into coloring pages.

Once you start looking for coloring pages, you’ll find a ton of options that will work for you. You’ll be able to give your child one of these coloring pages any time they ask for one.

Video Game Coloring Pages Are A Terrific Alternative To Screen Time

Video games can be fun for kids, but that doesn’t mean that you want your child to sit in front of a screen all day long. You’ll also want to make sure that your kid engages in other activities.

If your kid loves video games, it can be hard to find entertainment options that they’ll actually want to try out. If you’re able to combine video games with another activity they enjoy, like coloring, you’ll be able to have fun with them and still reduce their total screentime. Everyone wins in a scenario like this one!

The Game Features A Lot Of Different Characters

This game is about the creations of an animator. Because of this, there are all kinds of different creatures and characters in the game. You’ll be able to find pages that feature a single character, and you’ll be able to track down pages that showcase multiple characters as well.

When a game has a lot of characters, there are going to be a lot of different options for coloring pages. You’ll be able to pick out pages with your child, which will make them even more excited to color with you.

It’s clear that your kid is going to love playing around with Bendy and the Ink Machine coloring pages. Since you can get these pages for free, there is no reason not to check them out. Download some pages and pick up a box of crayons. Your kids are going to have a ton of fun!

Bendy Coloring Pages

What Is Bendy And The Ink Machine: Find Out Here

Are you wondering what is Bendy and The Ink Machine? You have probably heard of this first-person puzzle horror/action game, but you may want to learn more about it. If you read the rest of this article, you’ll learn more about its gameplay, the plot, characters, and other cool information.


Bendy and The Ink Machine is a horror/puzzle game, which means you’ll be solving puzzles as you progress through the game. The primary objective of the game is to aid Henry, the main character. You do this by using weapons to battle enemies you come across, and different enemies have different levels of strength. This means some enemies are harder to beat than other enemies.

Also, there are audio logs located throughout the game. You can find these audio logs to learn more about the story of the game. Bear in mind that some of these logs are difficult to find so you might have to go back and perform further exploration if you want to find them.

The Plot

There are five chapters that you have to complete. The five chapters are Moving Pictures, The Old Song, Rise & Fall, Colossal wonders and The Last Reel. Each chapter requires you to complete specific tasks and battle it out with enemies before you can progress.

What you’ll be doing is playing as the main character Henry, who will visit demons from his past. You will explore Joey Drew Studios, which is abandoned. As you explore the studio, you’ll come across various characters and enemies. In short, you’ll be exploring a world of ink and shadows.


There are over 10 different characters in Bendy and The Ink Machine. The main character is Henry Stein, who you play as and he is the former animator of the studio. Also, it is a first-person game so you will be playing from Henry’s perspective.

Joey Drew is another character and he is the boss of the studio. He is the one who invites Henry to the studio and allows him to explore. The Ink Machine was introduced to the studio by Joey, who is portrayed as an unethical employer who doesn’t care much about his employees. He is also a greedy individual who is also cynical.

Willy Franks works as a janitor at the studio and he is the only person who doesn’t complain about the CEO. Initially he is a good guy, but eventually, he is turned into a monster and Henry has no choice but to fight him and to defeat him. He was transformed into the monster by a character called Alice Angel.

Thomas Conner is another character and he works as a repairman. His job is to fix up the studio when it gets damaged. He transforms into another character after he is involved in an accident with the Ink Machine.

Those are a handful of characters in the game. Different characters play different roles throughout the game. It’s also worth pointing out that the characters are very diverse.

Bendy And The Ink Machine In Other Media

The game has been featured in various types of media, including animation shorts. Not only that, but the game has a soundtrack that features most of its songs. Furthermore, there are a number of books about the game, with one being titled Joey Drew Studios Employee Handbook and the other being called Bendy and the Ink Machine: Dreams Come To Life.

If you’re looking for a fun game to play, then give Bendy and The Ink Machine a try. As you can see, it is a great game and it is popular for a good reason. Go ahead and find out for yourself why it’s extremely popular.