The jury in the United States has re-examined Samsung’s alleged infringement of Apple ‘s patent and intellectual property rights and eventually overturned the verdict, which awarded a fine of more than $ 1 billion to less than $ 538 million.

The court found the infringement of five patents on designs and tools by Samsung Electronics, which came after judicial disputes between the two companies that lasted more than six consecutive years in the Supreme Court of the United States.

This was the beginning of the case when Apple filed a lawsuit in April 2011 against Samsung, which included violating recent patent-related patents on iPhones.

Apple won the verdict in August 2012, Samsung to pay a financial compensation of $ 1.049 billion, but the case has been re-examined because of some legal issues and damages that will fall on the company’s dock.

It should be noted that Samsung has already paid about $ 548 million compensation to Apple after the first sentence, and the case was basically related to the appropriate definition of the material smart phones, and Apple has accused Samsung of violating five patents.

When the case was adjourned in December 2016, the US Supreme Court referred the case for consideration by a federal court, so that the jury could answer the question that if the entire phone or its components were the same as the material of the manufacture, Final and proof of the occurrence of the breach of the foregoing by Samsung.

At this time, Samsung has announced its intention to pay compensation of up to $ 28 million, but at this time Apple maintained a $ 1 billion financial compensation.

But the jury eventually awarded the financial compensation to Samsung for violating copyright Apple has sued Samsung for $ 533 million in damages due to Apple’s recent patent infringement and also paid $ 5 million in damages for patent infringement of tools belonging to Apple, Mine Wen made the total compensation is $ 438 million.

Apple said in a statement issued by various media outlets that: “Judgment has unequivocally demonstrated that Samsung has copied Apple’s designs in a clear and blatant manner.” Samsung for its rights.

On the other hand, Samsung said that the ruling contradicts a Supreme Court ruling unanimously in favor of patent infringement on design. “We will look at all options for a result that does not hinder creativity,” Samsung said.

Samsung’s latest smartphone industry was the Samsung galaxy s9 and the Samsung galaxy s9 plus in February at the MwC conference in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Apple was the latest version of the iPhone X .